Now 1.8 ready!

Hey guys, just a quick update, the server is now 1.8 compatible. All 1.8 features should be working perfectly, but there were some issues updating, so tell a staff member if you have issues.

Have fun!
– Jonathan Alfonso (alfonsojon)

Cube World!

Hey guys, I’m rather excited to bring some news to you who may or may not be aware of a game called Cube World. It is a fantastic game that is currently in alpha, but is a very feature-filled and stable role-playing game. Due to my recent interest in this game, I’ve decided that I will hopefully be hosting a Cube World Livecraft server. No worries, however; I will never replace the Minecraft side of things, so no need to worry about the two servers conflicting. For those interested, this game is experimental and currently in alpha, so the future of this server will not be concrete.

Note: The server is not online 24/7 and will only be online when it is ready (when I get an init.d script working).

For more information about Cube World, click here.

Jonathan Alfonso (alfonsojon)

UUID Plugin Checklist

Livecraft is currently operating using Minecraft 1.7.5 server software that has been modified to support Minecraft versions 1.7.2 to 1.7.9. Although it works well, this is far from optimal as the new Minecraft versions (1.7.9 and 1.7.10) support name changing. Most plugins must be updated, meaning it is a very large update on the server side of things, resulting in many things that can prevent the update. A checklist will be provided here for what is currently working under 1.7.10 and what still needs to be updated.

At the current moment, name changing is NOT SUPPORTED. You WILL lose player data if you change your username, and the server WILL TREAT YOU AS A NEW PLAYER. In the event Mojang allows name changing in the near future, you accept this risk and the potential loss of data that goes along with it.


  • Spigot for 1.7.10
  • CompatNoCheatPlus
  • [ # ] Craftbook
  • [ # ] LWC
  • MCBans
  • NoCheatPlus
  • Prism
  • ProtocolLib
  • Vanish
  • WorldEdit
  • [ # ] WorldGuard

[CLEAR] Not dependent upon UUID:

  • [ ? ] MotdManager
  • NCore
  • NTheEndAgain
  • Poke
  • [ ? ] SignEditor
  • WorldEdit

[BREAKING] Not UUID ready:

  • Essentials
  • mcMMO
  • [ x ] Multiverse


  • GAListener
  • NoOp
  • TagAPI
  • Votifier

Status information:
[ ! ] = Unstable.
[ # ] = Version specific (1.7.8+ ONLY)
[ ? ] = Most likely to be replaced by an alternative
[ x ] = Most likely to be removed

We’re Back!

Livecraft is back online after a long period of being down. I was going to launch the server tomorrow at 3:00 PM Eastern Time, but I am going on a date with my girlfriend. I have reduced the max players to 24 players in order to keep the server running quick. Overall, I have made a bunch of changes to keep the server running at its top performance while keeping it safe from DDoS attacks and cheaters. Please let me know if you encounter any issues, and I appreciate all of you guys for your support.

What’s new:

  1. There is a border (made by WorldBorder) on all worlds (a 5,000 block radius)
  2. The world is pre-rendered, ensuring chunks render quickly
  3. I have replaced Deadbolt with LWC. All chests are now private immediately when placed.
  4. I replaced Multiverse with My Worlds. My Worlds is a fast, functional, and up-to-date alternative to Multiverse.
  5. Maximum player count reduced from 32 to 24.
  6. Building in “The End” world has been disabled, and the game mode for “The End” is set to adventure.


Jonathan Alfonso (alfonsojon)

Important Updates

Livecraft is undergoing some maintenance currently and should be back online by Friday, February 23rd, 2014. The server has been reset, and there is now a radius on the world in order to prevent the world from growing too large. Overall, the server should feel much faster, so I do hope you guys enjoy the changes. I also replaced Deadbolt with LWC. Chests are now private by default, but this can be changed after placing the chest.

Jonathan Alfonso (alfonsojon)