Livecraft’s back online!

As you should have noticed, Livecraft died. We had a hard drive failure; however, the hard drive survived. The data, however, did not. Everything was wiped, including the website, server, and everything. Me, Evil, and Medius have spent the last week getting Livecraft online and working nicely. It should be a lot faster than it used to be.

What’s new:

  1. Craftbook replaced Essentials
  2. Craftbook replaced TimeLock
  3. PermissionsEx replaced Essentials GroupManager
  4. ChatManager replaced Essentials Chat

Command differences:

  1. No more /tpa. Use /call instead.
  2. /back = resume from /afk.
  3. Use /return to go back to a location you were just at.

Other changes:

  1. Website died. D:
  2. Everything else died
  3. Server was totally reset.

I know many of you probably lost items from the new map, but there was no possible way to recover the lost data. Even if I could have recovered the map, it would have been severely corrupted and just not worth fixing.

Regards, Jonathan Alfonso (alfonsojon)

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